Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dear Readers

Dear Readers:

A Family Member is once again impersonating innocent people. She posts total lies and labels it as if it was written by other people. So anytime you see an article that seems too bizarre to be true, guess what it isn’t true. It’s just the typical lies/work of a Family Member. The same woman who took a copyrighted newspaper article and edited the way she wanted it and posted on the internet to once again mislead people. She wants to lead people away from the true criminals. She by the way was the last to see Mary Grobe. Interesting also, how once Mary disappeared, She could move in on her Grandma’s property. I guess Mary Grobe was in Her way. Once again, by her actions, SHE proves she doesn’t want this case solved. All She and her family can do is come up with more lies and refuse to look at and accept the FACTS regarding this crime.

Please Call Butler County Sheriff with any info on Mary Grobe: 573-785-8444

The links below are examples of FALSE TRAILS and outright lies to confuse and mislead people. The unedited articles can be found on this site, Childseek Network and other Recognized Missing Persons Web-Sites.
These Posts are FALSE TRAILS:
Posted by: JCC_CCC_666
Posted by: JCC_CCC_666


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