Monday, September 18, 2006

Why so Many Missing From Missouri?

Why so many missing from Missouri?

Abigale Lynn "Abby" Woods from Lonedell, Missouri, 09/15/2006
***Abby found alive and well on 09/19/2006***
Amanda Jones from Jefferson County, Missouri, 08/14/2006
Bianca Piper from Foley, Missouri, 03/10/2006
Shawn Hornbeck from Richwoods, Missouri, 10/06/2002
Christian Ferguson from St. Louis, Missouri, 06/11/2003
Cermen Lamunt Toney Jr from East St. Louis, Ill , 11/06/2005
Anquiatte Parker from East St. Louis, Ill , 11/06/2005

We know of two other wonderful persons who are missing:
Mary Lee Grobe from Butler County, Missouri, 9-27-03
Teresa Lynn Butler from Risco, Missouri, 1-25-06

And there are many, many more. We don't hear much about them on the news. Many people have forgotten them but not the people who loved them. Missouri has a real problem. When is someone going to take steps to protect Missouri Citizens and hold the criminals accountable for their evil deeds?


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