Sunday, October 29, 2006

L: Theodore Thompsom, R: Vernon Eugene Grobe, 1940

Today we are thinking of Mary Lee Grobe’s late husband who would have celebrated his birthday today. Vernon Eugene Grobe was born 10-29-1922 and married Mary Lee Cardwell on 12-17-1949. Although he wasn’t a perfect husband or father; he had a commendable sense of justice and tired to be honest and upright in dealing with others. He loved his wife and certainly wouldn’t have let things get to the point they did on 9-27-03. If for some reason vile humans curtained his directions he would have seen to it that justice was done for what happened to his wife even if it was a horribly painful thing to face.

Incidentally, Kenny Grobe’s wife (Ginny) had her birthday on 10-28. Can’t help but wonder what would she have to celebrate? She is another year older, but another year closer to the ultimate judge and yet she remains silent.

Please don’t forget Mary Lee Grobe and don’t allow this to happen to some other innocent victim. Allow Mary Lee Grobe to have her heart felt wish to have her final resting place beside her husband.

How can people be so heartless?


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