Monday, March 17, 2008

Murder Victim's Family Prays for Justice

Murder Victim's Family Prays for Justice

KFVS TV12 Cape Girardeau Missouri
Posted: March 14, 2008 04:12 PM CST
By: Crystal Britt

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Three weeks ago Friday, police found 20-year-old Chabreshea Egson shot at her sister's home in Cape Girardeau. She died minutes later at the hospital. Her suspected killer is still on the run. Now the family's grief has turned to frustration.

"Somedays I can go ahead and go on, and somedays I can't eat. It's going to be a long time," said Trisie Egson, Chabreshea's Mother.

Trisie Egson's doing everything she can to keep her daughter's memory alive.

"(She was) fun loving, a beautiful little girl, always full of jokes and everything. Just a beautiful child. I miss seeing her face everyday," said Egson.

The family's nightmare began before dawn on February 22, 2008. When police arrived, officers found 20-year-old Chabreshea Egson shot inside a home on North Spanish Street in Cape Girardeau. It's a scene Egson's mother wishes she could get out of her mind.

"They told us she got shot in the shoulder. They wouldn't let us get close to her or nothing. They built a barricade around us. So, we figured something was really serious, but not that serious," said Egson.

At first, police had no suspects. Later that day, officers issued a warrant for Tambra Turner's arrest. At the time they just wanted to question Turner about some property damage at the victim's home hours before the shooting. Egson was apparently seeing Turner's estranged husband. It quickly turned to an arrest warrant for murder.

Three weeks later though, Tambra Turner of Sikeston is no where to be found. It's believed Turner has left the state. The FBI is now involved. Meanwhile, officers with the Cape Girardeau Police Department say they just continue to follow up on leads hoping to get a break.

The victim's family shares that hope. "I wish they would catch her (Turner), would make me feel a little better. Knowing she won't be able to do that to nobody else," said Trisie Egson.

She misses her daughter so much. "Knowing I'll never be able to see her again...hold her or kiss her."

While still grieving, she's focusing her attention on Tambra Turner, hoping someone out there turns her in. "I just want justice to be served," said Egson.

There's a reward for information leading to Tambra Turner's arrest. Crimestoppers is offering $1,000.


Google: "Tambra Turner of Sikeston"


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