Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seven Years Ago In Butler County Missouri . . . . .

9-27-10 marked the 7 Year Anniversary of the disappearance of Mary Lee Grobe from her home in Poplar Bluff, MO. It marked the seven year anniversary of undeserved freedom for the one responsible for her disappearance. It marked seven years of lies for all those who helped conceal it. It also marks another year of undeserved public trust and office of Sharron Payne, Mary's Public Administrator who had the power in her hands to help Mary but chose to turn her back on her client and let be victimized.

Mary Lee Grobe was ripped from the people who loved her 7 years ago today. We have yet to see justice—we have yet to have resolution.

We hope the guilty one(s) stop for a moment today and reflect on what they have done. God already knows who was responsible on 9-27-03 but the rest of us need resolution. All need to come clean for any forgiveness. Soap won’t clean what you have done. Mary Lee Grobe’s blood cries out and you can’t wash it off until you tell the truth.

Our questions to you the one responsible include: What did she do to deserve this in your eyes? Who else deserved this in your eyes? Was it worth it? How can your family stand you? How can they protect you? Why would they want to? How can they restfully sleep at night? Doesn’t it occur to them that if you think you can make money off it; their life is at risk also? How can you stand yourself?

Why didn’t she (in your evil eyes) deserve a proper burial?
For all those duped . . . has your reasoning ability kicked in yet? Have you finally looked at the evidence around you? Hate people if you must for whatever trumped up reason that makes you feel good but use your brain—look at who benefited from her disappearance. Look who had opportunity. If it has dawned on you that you were duped; you are probably embarrassed right now but the embarrassment isn’t going to go away just because you continue to ignore it. The embarrassment will go away and forgiveness given once you speak up and bravely step forward.

There’s no more reward money, you missed that, but doing the right thing is priceless. Doing the right thing is what Mary Lee Grobe deserves! Do the right thing if not for yourself, your family, for Mary.


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