Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Be Strong Jacque Waller's Family

Be strong; it is ugly now but will get uglier as the criminal tries to shift the attention off himself and onto others. For honest people, it's hard to believe what a criminal will do to his so called loved ones.

KFVS) - Wednesday marks three weeks since Jacque Waller disappeared.

As her family searches for answers, Jacque's mother is now reacting to a message allegedly posted on her daughter's Facebook page by her estranged husband, Clay Waller.

The message said, "i miss you so much" and "i wish for your safe return."

Jacque's mother Ruby Dawson tells a St. Louis TV station the post angers her and she doesn't believe he's sincere.

Clay Waller could not be reached for comment.

Read the rest of the story on KFVS


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