Thursday, April 06, 2006

Remembering Mary Lee Grobe: Stop and Look at the Flowers

As the spring flowers bloom, I fondly remember Mary Grobe, a woman of little financial means who knew the important things in life. She knew we should take “time out to smell the roses”, to enjoy the beauty around us. Before “he” put up No-Trespassing signs to keep Mary Grobe’s own beloved children from visiting her, she enjoyed our visits and would always invite us to take a walk around her yard and look at her flowers. We swapped seeds, bulbs and cuttings so we could all share the beauty.

As I now look at the beauty of the spring flowers I am stuck with awe yet anger & frustration knowing Mary Lee Grobe deserved better than what she received on 9-27-03. Frustration knowing the person responsible is still a free man. Free to look at the beautiful things in life, free to visit his family, free to strike another innocent, elderly Butler County resident.


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