Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Truth is Sometimes Painful!

“Help me remove my rose-colored glasses”

Anne Bird loved her brother, Scott Peterson, very much. She faithfully stood by him and defended him while the evidence that he was guilty of the murder of her beautiful wife and son continued to accumulate. Others could see the facts but she was in denial. The book, BLOOD BROTHER 33 Reasons My Brother, Scott Peterson, is Guilty by Anne Bird has some very thought-provoking comments we would like to share.

“The problem was really quite simple: I still refused to accept the possibility that Scott was guilty. Dr. Tucker’s job, as I saw it, was to help me remove my rose-colored glasses. Until I was finally able to remove fact from fiction, I wouldn’t find my way back. She was eager to help me find my way, but she never forced it: She wanted me to get there on my own.” states Anne. Page144

On page 174, Dr. Tucker told Anne, “Tell yourself the truth,” and suggested Anne put her thoughts down on paper. Anne compiled the list of 33 reasons.

After much thought, Anne states, “I had gone from doubting his guilt to suspecting him of premeditated murder. If that seems like a leap, take another look at the list. And think about the damaging evidence that came out in the trial.” Anne told Dr. Tucker, “I want to do the right thing. Some day my children are going to grow up and ask me what happened, and I’m going to want them to know that I behaved morally, that I was a decent human being and did the right thing. Laci and Conner did not deserve this. The Rochas did not deserve this. And the Petersons did not deserve this.” P. 180-1

Mary Lee Grobe did not deserve this! The Grobe family did not deserve this! The Cardwell family did not deserve this! The Collins family did not deserve this! The Frisco Texas Grobe family did not deserve this! The Caldwell family did not deserve this! The Williams family did not deserve this! No one deserved the pain this has caused! Now, you can do something to help! Remove the rose colored glasses! Put the coward behind bars before he strikes again!

Make sure years from now people, especially family, will say you behaved morally and you were a decent human being and did the right thing.


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