Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This is so wrong

It is very frustrating isn’t it? Families and friends of the missing are grieving and fear something terrible has happened to their loved one but sometimes with the lack of media attention it seems like no one cares. It’s a nightmare. We love and miss them; why isn’t everyone outraged?

Missouri has a disproportionate number of missing people. But if they keep it out of the media, no one really knows and the Missouri residents feel safe and secure thinking something awful like this would never happen to them or anyone in their “safe little towns”. WRONG! It is occurring at an alarming rate especially to Missouri’s women and children.

But we can’t put the blame solely on the media. If the politicians and law enforcement supported media reports there would be more in the news about the missing people from Missouri. Missouri law enforcement has the mindset that if they have a good idea the crime was committed locally, they don’t need national attention. Good point. But who puts pressure on the local law enforcement to solve the cases? If it’s not in the media, people forget so therefore even honest, hard working law enforcement can forget about the cold cases.

Southeast Missouri politicians have been totally useless in the Mary Lee Grobe situation and have even hindered efforts because evidently they don’t want it solved. Kit Bond responded to our heart felt cry for help with a letter that appeared to have been written by a 3rd grader that coldly suggested we file a missing persons report. Duh, something we did months prior. Joann Emerson didn’t even respond. Some Butler County politicians were even worst. Sharron Payne, Butler County Public Administrator, repeatedly blocked efforts to find her client. I could write a book and I may do just that.

There’s plenty more to tell and it’s all SO WRONG but I will get off my soap box for now.

Please do not forget Teresa Butler missing from Risco MO. And Amanda Jones Missing from Jefferson County MO.

Let’s hope Mary Lee Grobe’s little spot on national TV isn’t cut. She is national news worthy. We’ll be watching.

WHERE is Mary Lee Grobe, Teresa Butler, Amanda Jones and all the others missing Missouri mothers?


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