Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We Won't Stop Searching-who were they kidding?

We Won’t Stop Searching—who were they kidding?

The Poplar Bluff Grobes put this sign up (12/03) to mislead people especially the St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter. It says “We won’t stop searching” but in reality it should have read, We won’t start searching—we don’t want an investigation, Look the other way.”

Notice how they put their phone numbers but omitted law enforcement numbers. We wonder how many leads/tips were wasted on them rather than being followed up on by law enforcement. Those involved in this plot were: Kenny Grobe, David Grobe, Christine Grobe Collins, Amy Grobe Bridgewater, Sharron Payne, Dale & Barb Grobe.

For those who were mislead; now is the time to start searching. Find Mary Lee Grobe!


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