Friday, June 02, 2006

Money or Sex?

Money or Sex?

A well respected crime fighter, Mr. Joe Mammana, once said most crimes are motivated by two things, money or sex.

Law enforcement have said when solving a crime they consider who had opportunity and who had motive.

Let’s apply both sets of wisdom to the Mary Lee Grobe case on that horrible day of 9-27-03.

Who had opportunity? Remember the door was found locked. To the best of our knowledge, the only ones with keys to Mary Lee Grobe’s house were Kenny Grobe, David Grobe, and Christine Collins. They put up no-trespassing signs and formed a little vigilantly group to watch to make sure no one else came out to visit their Mother. Strange indeed!

Who had motive? The only one who financially benefited from Mary Lee Grobe’s disappearance was Kenny Grobe and his immediate family. He now has her bank account, her farm, her little house and all her personal items (many were sold at a yard sale and Kenny pocketed the money). Kenny also named himself beneficiary on her life insurance policies. Kenny’s daughter, Amy Grobe Bridgewater, moved in on her Grandmother’s property soon after she disappeared

So was it a money or sex motive? It appears the main motive was money (see paragraph above). It gets stranger all the time!

To mislead the original investigators, Kenny came up with a good lie. He told everyone that the Caldwells took Mary Lee Grobe and were so rich they were paying cash for her care. Some gullible family members jumped right on this theory. Hate whomever you want for whatever trumped up reason you can come up with but think about Kenny’s theory for a moment.

Let’s do the math…She has been gone now for 33 months. Let’s say her total care including food, shelter, clothes and health care per month is $2,800 (very conservative figure) that would come to $92,400. Let’s not forget surgery and hospital stays either. How insane? Where’s the motive there? Why would someone pay this huge cash amount when it all would have been paid by her social security and Medicaid? Think about it.

There were many tools, such as polygraphs, voice stress analysis, ect., used to determine the truthfulness of people. Everyone involved in the Mary Lee Grobe investigation passed all test except one person. Kenny Grobe! Kenny came up with numerous excuses for not passing. One excuse was there were guns being fired next door; another was that he had sleep apnea. But other people passed under those same conditions. So the most obvious reason Kenny didn’t pass is because he lied! Kenny holds the key to solving this crime against his Mother, Mary Lee Grobe.

How can people continue to cover up for this crime? How can they claim to be Christian yet condone this horrible act? Speak up and solve the Mary Lee Grobe case. Don’t allow another innocent life to be lost. Mary Lee Grobe deserved better. Now her family & her community deserve the truth!


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