Friday, November 03, 2006


Polygraph: Cape's New Weapon to Fight CrimeBy: Tiffany Sisson

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO --Until now, a number of police shared polygraph machines with Southeast University, the Missouri Highway Patrol, and the Perry County, Missouri Sheriff's Department. Cape's police department now has a new polygraph. Tiffany Sisson sat in the hot seat to find out how this completely digital technology picks out moments of truth.

Yellow walls, a white chair, countless cords tied into technology, everything about the examination room speaks volumes about the word intimidation. "Your heart starts racing, your hands get sweaty, your breathing changes. These are all the things that we monitor here," explained Detective Don Perry. Perry recently returned from train at the Fort Indiantown Gap National Guard Training Center near Annville, PA. It lasted 12 weeks.

With Tiffany in the hot seat, and Perry's finger on the keyboard, we get ready to unlock the truth. The polygraph test starts with a test. Perry writes a series of numbers, leaving out one. "Write the number 3 for me," asked Perry.

Perry wants Tiffany to lie about writing that number. It's a way of letting the computer know what's a lie and what's the truth. "The machine shows what your general nervous pattern looks like," explained Perry.

The polygraph records breathing changes, electrical impulses, and heart rate. While Tiffany is nervous about the test, she's not facing any consequences of getting caught. "That fear of detection will make physiological changes in your body because of that fear," said Perry.

The test are primarily used to weed out the good people. Cape County Prosecuting Attorney, Morley Swingle said, "I'd rather resolve a case with a polygraph, than find out an innocent man was charged with a crime."

The test are not admissible in court.

KFVS TV 12 Cape Girardeau Missouri by By: Tiffany Sisson

Most of the law enforcement communities highly trust polygraphs and other means to determine if someone is telling the truth. They use the results to help them determine which direction to focus their attention.

We thank KFVS12 and Tiffany Sisson for running the informative spot about polygraphs and I believe they should be admissible in court. The research about them indicates they are highly reliable so why not use them as part of the evidence against a criminal or the defense of an innocent person.

Why do the criminals in this country have more rights than the victims? Why do we reward criminals with freedom just because they know how to beat the current system? Criminals know how to cover and dispose of evidence to keep from being arrested. Of course the ultimate judge knows exactly what happened.

Which of Mary Grobe's son's in Poplar Bluff did NOT PASS the tests asked by law enforcement (2 polygraphs, and voice stress test CVSA)? There lies the answers to finding Mary Lee Grobe!


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