Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Missing Missouri Mothers

When law enforcement fails to take missing person cases seriously, bad things happen.

Summer Shipp from Kansas City is Still Missing
Teresa Butler from Risco is Still Missing
Amanda Jones from Jefferson County is Still Missing
Vicki Lour from Wayne County is Still Missing
Christine Carol Burnett-Pitts from Poplar Bluff is Still Missing.
Mary Lee Grobe from Butler County is Still Missing.

69% of missing adults in Missouri are Woman. (NCMA)

Something needs to be done to help these Missing Missouri Mothers. Some criminals and perhaps a husband, ex-husband, boyfriend, ex-boyfriend or even a son know that in Missouri the local LE will not do everything possible to solve a missing person case. I strongly believe the criminal in Butler County involved in Mary Grobe’s case was smarter and more intelligent than the local sheriff was. We must empower LE to make the right choices and to act quickly.

Please support Missouri Senate Bill 67 Endangered Missing Adult Alert.


Please support Missouri House Bill 757 The Summer Shipp Act which specifies that law enforcement officers cannot refuse a written report of a missing person.


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