Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Missouri Senate Bill SB67 & Missouri House Bill HB757

Good News!

Jefferson City is starting to listen! There’s another bill that will help the missing; HB 757 which will provide guidelines for Law Enforcement so they will be better able to investigate and process evidence in a missing person’s case. Thank you Brandy and "friends of Summer" for your hard work. This bill along with SB 67 (endangered/elderly alert) will make a huge difference. It can save lives and stop criminals.

Missouri, especially rural Missouri has way too many missing persons cases. It’s time something is done about it! Contact your senators and representatives and ask them to support HB 757 & SB 67. Remember they are starting to listen.

House Bill 757
Summary of House Bill 757

Missouri Senate Bill SB67 with summary

To look up your State Senator for Senate Bill SB67

To look up your State Representative for House Bill HB757


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