Monday, December 18, 2006

Elected Official Who Tried to Stop Search

Who were the family members and the elected official who tried to stop the search for Mary Lee Grobe and why wouldn’t they want her found?

Dobbs said “There were family members and even one elected official who tried to get that (draining of the out-of-use lagoon near Mary Lee Grobe’s home to search for her body) stopped,” Dobbs said. “In this case, they were more concerned with family grudges than actually seeing the truth.” (DAR newspaper 11/29/2006)

As far as the family members who were involved, it had to have been the same ones who created a false trail for the first inept sheriff so they could lead him away from the real crime scene. It surely was the same family members who moved in on Mary Lee Grobe’s property once she disappeared. Those same family members are the ones who now had all her belonging for themselves and/or sold them in a yard sale so they could pocket the money. Surely it was the same Poplar Bluff family members who visited Sharron K. Payne’s office to get money from Mary Lee Grobe’s account. The same Poplar Bluff family members who have done nothing to find Mary Lee Grobe; the same family members who tried to stop the Carole Sund/Carrington Reward Fund; the same family members who edited copy written news articles so it would say what they wanted it to say; the same family members who use intimidation and threats to get people to shut up.

Notice, the only family members who are trying to help in the search for Mary Lee Grobe are the ones from out of town, not the ones from Poplar Bluff and Qulin.

Of more importance though what elected official would stick her neck out to keep Mary Lee Grobe from being found and why?

The answer is Sharron K. Payne, Butler County Public Administrator because she doesn’t want Mary Lee Grobe found! The above mentioned evil scheming is just one of many things she has done to mislead investigators, to interfere with the investigation and to help conceal the crime. When you see Sharron K. Payne, ask her when she is going to tell the truth about Mary Lee Grobe and help finally solve this case.

Are there other cases like this in Butler County where Sharron was “helping”? Why is Butler County allowing this?

Butler County will make national news someday for all this!


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