Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sharron K Payne

Who is the real Sharron K Payne?

Some of Mary Grobe's family has taken polygraph & Voice Stress tests(CVSA), has Sharron Payne? What is she hiding? Who is she protecting and Why?

Which of Mary Grobe's Poplar Bluff sons refused to take the Voice Stress Test( CVSA)?

Which of Mary Grobe's son's in Poplar Bluff did NOT PASS the tests asked by law enforcement (2 polygraphs, and voice stress test CVSA)? There lies the answers to finding Mary Lee Grobe!

Which of Mary Grobe's Poplar Bluff sons was seen often in the Butler County Court house in Sharon Payne's office collecting Mary Grobe's Cash Allowance. Where did that money really go Sharron?

Who tried to stop the draining of the sewage lagoon near Mary Grobe's old house?... Was it Sharron Payne?

Who called the Carole Sund Reward Fund to try to have the reward fund stopped?
Was it Sharron Payne ?
Was it Amy Bridgewater?
Was it Barb Grobe from Frisco Texas?

Probate code 475.120
1. Assure that the Ward resides in the best and least restrictive setting reasonably available.
2. Assure that the Ward receives medical care and other services that are needed.
Why did Sharron Payne fail to get new eye glasses and hearing aids that were needed and requested
3. Promote and protect the care, comfort, safety, health, and welfare of the Ward.
Is this why Sharron Payne does not want Mary's body found?
4. Provide required consents on behalf of the Ward.
5. To exercise all powers and discharge all duties necessary or proper to implement the provisions of this section.

When told repeatedly, Mary Lee Grobe’s life was in jeopardy; Sharron Payne did nothing to help her poor innocent client. Instead of moving her to a safe environment, Sharron issued Mary a Medic Alert button. This is a tool that is helpful if an elderly person falls and/or knows there is a danger and they can call for help. Mary Lee Grobe was legally declared incompetent and didn’t know when to push the button or what happened when she pushed the button. When a trained medical professional asked Mary what she would do if her house was on fire, Mary responded, I would call the district supervisor.” Clearly, Mary didn’t know to call fire department. Mary didn’t know whom to trust, and sometimes she didn’t recognize people from one time to the next. Mary needed help and protection—not a button.

Again we ask Sharron Payne where is her client, MARY LEE GROBE ?

Remember Sharron Payne, there is no Statute of limitations on Murder!


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