Sunday, November 19, 2006

Amy Grobe Bridgewater Why?

Mary's story is one that demands attention-she's the kind of victim that touches lives and tugs at people's hearts. She could have been anyone's dear grandmother or mother. She was a good person who did good things to others her whole life.

Once again, here's another blog (copy below) by Mary Lee Grobe's oldest granddaughter, Amy Grobe Bridgewater. Amy doesn't seem to want this crime solved does she? Rather than posting truthful, helpful comments, she seems to be saying "stop searching for answers if you know what is good for you", doesn't she? Amy was reportedly the last to see her grandmother. Amy moved in on her grandmother's property right after she disappeared. We love Amy, but we think she knows more than what she has told the investigators.

Why is Amy Grobe Bridgewater impersonating other people (even her own grandmother) while writting things like this on her AOL Journal:

Daughter of Mary,
open your eyes.
Set free his hand,
for it's not wise.

Gaze deep within,
past the darkness,
beyond the sin.
The guilt is burnished,
upon your skin.

Turn from the shadows,
face to the light.
The weight of your sorrows,
you carry in spite.

Hatred grows deep,
your mind proves ill.
Your Mother weeps,
you continue still.

Do not walk with him,
lost child of hope.
Souls get burned
smell the smoke?

Your lashing tongue,
viewed from your stage.
But a forked one
is not all the rage.
* * * *
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