Friday, January 12, 2007

Thanks to Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke

Thanks to Missouri’s Franklin County Sheriff, Gary Toelke, for his leadership in the Ownsby and Hornbeck case. This was an awesome outcome and sets an example of how everyone benefits when ALL work together. Law Enforcement of all levels cooperate and support each other, the media makes all of us aware and people speak up when they see anything that is out of line.

If Missouri’s Sheriff’s are to be successful they must use the resources that are available to them. They can’t solve crimes when they work alone because the criminals can outsmart them.

We’re thankful Missouri participates in the National Amber Alert System for children and ask they do the same for adults especially for the elderly or incompetent who need extra protection. Many states have already enacted laws to protect the elderly. Missouri, it’s time we do something to help those who need our help. There are too many missing women and children in Missouri. Something has to be done to ensure their safety.


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