Monday, July 28, 2008

Medic Alert Button Sharron Payne

reprinted from December 2005

As with any senseless murder, the victim’s family members are left with many unanswered questions. Why? How could he do such a thing? How can they sleep at night after what they have said and done? Today we would like to focus on just two very perplexing questions. Why would the Mary’s Public Administrator, Sharron Payne, make such a poor decision to issue Mary Lee Grobe a Medic Alert button as her only means of protection? Why have some family members and reporters been given such inaccurate information regarding the Medic Alert buttons capabilities?

When told repeatedly, Mary Lee Grobe’s life was in jeopardy; Sharron Payne did nothing to help her poor innocent client. Instead of moving her to a safe environment, Sharron issued Mary a Medic Alert button. This is a tool that is helpful if an elderly person falls and/or knows there is a danger and they can call for help. Mary Lee Grobe was legally declared incompetent and didn’t know when to push the button or what happened when she pushed the button. When a trained medical professional asked Mary what she would do if her house was on fire, Mary responded, I would call the district supervisor.” Clearly, Mary didn’t know to call fire department. Mary didn’t know whom to trust, and sometimes she didn’t recognize people from one time to the next. Mary needed help and protection—not a button.

Why would the appointed Public Administrator, Sharron Payne make such an incompetent decision? What was her motive? Who was she protecting? It was NOT Mary Grobe. Was Kenny Grobe involved in the decision? Why would Sharron value his opinion more than others? He’s not a doctor; he’s not a lawyer, he’s the one Mary was afraid of, especially when he had his temper fits.

See articles linked below:

St. Louis Post Dispatch Newspaper Article by Aisha Sulton January 04, 2004 "Why didn't she activate the medical alert button she wore around her neck?"

KFVS TV12 by CJ Cassidy "Something else is also bothering Grobe's family, "My mother was wearing a necklace with an emergency push button on it that would instantly dial an operator in New York if she needed help," David Grobe says. But the call for help was never made, even though the system indicates the necklace is still somewhere close to home."

Barb Grobe also said “ is also the FACT that she had on a medical alert necklace that would “activate an alarm or signal” if Mary went beyond a certain perimeter of her property.”

Where is this info coming from? It’s not a GPS, It had no tracking capabilities. Was it more misinformation by Sharron Payne and/or Kenny Grobe? Yes, just one more example.

What else have they failed to tell the truth about?


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