Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Answers to Questions from readers

Answers to Questions from readers (Based on our heart-felt belief):

Why are you trying to put all the blame on the sheriff at the time and on Sharon Payne? Why is the family trying to put it all on our system and those who work in the system?

The sheriff at the time Mary disappeared along with his buddies, Jerry Armes and Sharron Payne contributed to the blundering of this case. If Sharron had done her job to protect Mary Lee Grobe there wouldn’t have been a case to begin with. If Bill Heaton and Jerry Armes had investigated they may have figured out what happened. Why did they allow Sharron Payne to act like an investigator? She is as dumb as dirt and a control freak. She had her own agenda which she used to convince Heaton and Armes of their next act. If Bill Heaton, Jerry Armes, and Sharron Payne hadn’t leaked information back to the criminals there may have been resolution. If Bill Heaton and Jerry Armes had allowed more intelligent, professional investigators in on the case it would have helped but instead they tried to solve it themselves.

So why do we blame the Sheriff (Bill Heaton) and Sharron Payne . . . because they are to blame.

Why isn't the family taking responsibility for Mary's disappearance?

They didn’t have to because Sharron covered for them; the sheriff (at the time) fell for it and looked the other way. Sharron blocked attempts to look for Mary Lee Grobe. She hasn’t taken a polygraph and she refuses to allow searches. She tried to block other efforts. Why doesn’t Sharron want her client found? She doesn’t want to be exposed for the hypocrite that she is and she doesn’t want her buddies to get in trouble. Yet she says she “loves” her clients. This is another one of her lies. She loves to control and ruin lives.

I just think it is a shame you talk down about Sharon Payne when the family should have been more responsible and been looking after Mary, with surviving family she should not have had to been made a ward of the court.

Keep in mind, Mary Lee Grobe, had seven children, four step children, many grandchildren and even great grandchildren. Mary had many family members that loved her and wanted to take care of her but Sharron wasn’t friends with them. Sharron was friends with the ones that wanted to do Mary Lee Grobe harm. Sharron was on a power trip and sided with the criminals. Sharron along with the criminals blocked phone calls and visits from the ones that loved Mary Lee Grobe. She ignored concerns regarding Mary Lee’s safety. The very reason Mary had a guardian was to protect her and her assets but Sharron either willingly because of her own evil intentions or by deceit was a puppet to the criminals. Sharron failed to act in Mary Lee Grobe’s best interest.

We have heard many similar stories of Sharron’s power trips that caused her clients to suffer. We can’t speak for her other clients but Mary Lee Grobe would be here today if Sharron had done her job. Figuratively, Mary Lee Grobe’s blood is on Sharron’s hands and God will judge her along with the low life’s that are responsible for the crimes against Mary Lee Grobe’s.


You Scratch my Back . . . . .

Why are the Poplar Bluff and Texas Grobes suddenly sounding off? They have done nothing for years to find Mary Lee Grobe but now they have been reawakened, why?

Why is there such mutual support between Sharron K. Payne and the Poplar Bluff, Mo and Texas Grobes? What is their objective? So far they have worked together to keep the Mary Lee Grobe case from being solved. Obviously, they feel threatened if their buddy (Sharron K. Payne) loses her position of power (Mary Lee Grobe’s Public Administrator). The position that created the environment that allowed Mary Lee Grobe to be victimized and the position that hindered the investigation. So far the system has failed the victims but has worked for the criminals. If the Poplar Bluff, Mo and Texas Grobes can keep Sharron in office, they can keep this vile but reciprocal arrangement. Each benefit greatly.

We on the other hand, want the case solved. We would of course love to have Mary Lee Grobe returned to us safely but based on the evidence we want to be realalistic. At the very, very least Mary Lee Grobe deserved to be granted her final wish to be laid to rest beside her husband. Where is Mary Lee Grobe?


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