Monday, June 27, 2011

Commendable Efforts to Find Jacque Waller

Good Job Southeast Missouri--don't let this crime go unsolved!

From KFVS 6-26-11

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Authorities say leads are pouring in as they continue to search for Jacque Waller. Waller has been missing more than three weeks now. She was last seen June 1 in Jackson.

Her estranged husband, Clay Waller has been named as a person of interest because he was the last person to have contact with her. He is not considered a suspect.

Meanwhile, friends, family and total strangers are taking matters into their own hands, launching their own search parties and saying they will stop at nothing to find her.

Jacque's brother, Rob Rawson joined several private search parties Sunday.

"The response has been amazing,' said Rawson. "I didn't think they're be so many people. We love her. We want to bring her home for us and for the kids."

The groups went door to door passing out flyers, talking to people about Jacque and searching land around Cape County.

Family friend, Dan Hittson says they need to make contact with as many people as possible.

"If you think you know something you need to call authorities," said Hittson. "If somebody did something to her they need to be brought to justice. We want to help this family find closure. There's three little kids that want to know what happened to their mother."

Searchers with one group met with police to discuss their plan before spreading out into different areas. Authorities say they are also looking in new locations.

"From our end we are meeting with some dog teams to search new areas that we're learned about through leads and other interviews," said Jackson Police Chief James Humphreys.

Chief Humphreys says they also expect new leads to emerge once crime labs complete testing on evidence. They are also asking all members of the public for help.

"If you're a property owner it's extremely important that you go police your own property and just scan your own areas," said Chief Humphreys. "That's a tremendous help for us. It eliminates a lot of area."

Chief Humphreys says he's happy with the response from Waller's friends, parents, and siblings. He wants them to know investigators are working round the clock to bring Jacque home.

"There's a lot of bulldogs on this case," said Chief Humphreys. "We're going to see it through. It's personal to us now."

Jacque Waller's estranged husband, Clay Waller has been named a person of interest in the case. He is not a suspect. Chief Humphreys says the Jackson Police Department has not heard from Clay Waller since June 7.


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