Sunday, April 09, 2006

Why so many missing from Missouri?

Last night I heard on KSDK-TV in St Louis, a news report about a Mother,Tina Lurk, looking for her son Wade Lurk. The reporter Alex Fees said something very interesting "Will Wade Lurk join the long list of other missing people from this area?"

Amanda Jones from Jefferson County, Missouri, 08/14/2006
Bianca Piper from Foley, Missouri, 03/10/2006
Shawn Hornbeck from Richwoods, Missouri, 10/06/2002
Christian Ferguson from St. Louis, Missouri, 06/11/2003
Cermen Lamunt Toney Jr from East St. Louis, Ill , 11/06/2005
Anquiatte Parker from East St. Louis, Ill , 11/06/2005

We know of two other wonderful persons who are missing:

Mary Lee Grobe from Butler County, Missouri, 9-27-03
Teresa Lynn Butler from Risco, Missouri, 1-25-06

And there are many, many more. We don't hear much about them on the news. Many people have forgotten them but not the people who loved them. Missouri has a real problem. When is someone going to take steps to protect Missouri Citizens and hold these criminals accountable for their evil deeds?


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