Friday, April 20, 2007

Missouri Senate Bill 67

Mary Lee Grobe, Butler County
Teresa Lynn Butler, Risco
Amanda Jones, Jefferson County
Summer Ship, Kansas City

The above could be described with endearing words such as: Mother, Mom, Mommy, Grandma, Grammy, Aunt, Wife, Sister, loving, loved, dedicated, hard-working, responsible, neighborly, intelligent, funny, but unfortunately they are also labeled MISSING. They are just a few of the growing list of Missouri missing adults. They are missing from their families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. You can do something that may not help these wonderful women but could help other Missouri citizens and begin to reverse the reputation Missouri is acquiring regarding this horrible problem.

One word that Missouri law doesn’t use to describe these women and the people who love them is victim. Their status of “missing” is like being in limbo, no rights, no progress, and no closure. Common sense tells us otherwise; they are victims and Missouri lawmakers and law enforcement need to take serious steps to stay ahead of the criminals.

Missouri citizens deserve an organized, systematic, uniform, professional, and immediate response to the investigation of missing persons. We the strong owe it to the elderly, the sick, the disabled, the women, to protect them (69% of missing adults in Missouri are Woman. (NCMA). If they should be reported missing, we owe them, their families, and their friends the most professional proper investigation possible utilizing all levels of law enforcement.

The most important time for an investigation is the first 72 hours. That’s when witnesses have a clear account of what has occurred. It is vital to have as many people as possible looking for the victim. Mary Lee Grobe’s story did not make the front page of the small community newspaper for one month. Her case remains unsolved.

We desperately need SB 67 for endangered adults. Law enforcement agencies in many Missouri areas, especially rural areas, have very little training, experience, and/or resources to successfully handle missing persons cases. Having the procedures outlined will help them take needed steps faster and help solve more cases It will provide the much needed assistance so law enforcement agencies are ready to respond in the most efficient and appropriate way and bring the best resolution to a horrible situation. It can return loved ones to their families and serve to protect precious Missourians who are deserving of our help. If the person has been harmed it can bring much needed closure to one of the most painful situations imaginable. Otherwise the pain continues without letup.

Mary Lee Grobe’s name (as well as the other Missing Missouri Mother’s names) should not be forgotten! It should tug at our hearts to do better; to improve the lives of other innocent Missourians. Missouri must improve missing person’s investigations. SB 67 is a much needed step in the right direction. We would love for SB 67 to carry Mary Lee’s name for she deserves this recognition but the most important thing is that we make sure SB 67 becomes law before the list grows even longer.

Thanks to Senator Rupp for listening and sponsoring SB 67 and thank you House Judiciary and Civil & Criminal Jurisprudence Committee Chair and members.

Respectfully submitted on April 17, 2007


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