Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Unidentified Woman found in Warren County MO in 2004

Who's Mom is she? Why hasn't someone spoken up? How could a human treat another human that way? Please call the Warren County Sheriff's Department with information.


Wright City, Missouri (KSDK)-- The mystery of a woman's demise continues to keep law enforcement officials busy in Warren County.

State maintenance workers pulling weeds and clearing brush near an interstate rest area on June 28th 2004 discovered something they would not soon forget. A headless torso of a woman found in the roadside park, not far off I-70 near Wright City.

Dozens of detectives from around the metropolitan St. Louis area lent assistance and support to Warren County lawmen in trying to identify the victim.

Their efforts until now have gone unrewarded. Police can't even be certain of how the woman was killed, let alone a motive behind the horrible crime.

Investigators say the woman was found nude. She had a light complexion and a slight build. They believe she was in her twenties with C-section and appendectomy scars.

Along the way, authorities were given assistance from the FBI as well as the National Center for Missing Adults in Phoenix Arizona. But after seven years they still have more questions unanswered than answered.

Warren County Coroner Roger Mauzy has spent hundreds if not thousands of hours working to identify the victim and return her to her family.

But a sad reminder to Mauzy is the reality that may never happen.

"This could be a disowned child who ran away for whatever reason and unfortunately, nobody has ever come forward."

Mauzy tells News Channel 5 he usually receives a number of calls from people on the day the discovery is remembered and he follows up on every single possibility.

"Several people will call but nothing ever seems to turn. We remain at a dead end in our search for a name and an explanation of why?"

An undisclosed gravesite in Warren County serves as the victims final resting spot but Mauzy says he's ready and willing to exhume the woman and return her to her family.

Anyone with information on the discovery is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-866-371-TIPS or the Warren County Sheriffs Department at 1-636-456-7088.


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